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New England Patriots Links 3/24/11 - Dante Scarnecchia Runs O-Line Drills At BC Pro Day

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Tom E. Curran reports Mark Herzlich and Anthony Costonzo headline the group of college players scouted by NFL teams at Boston College Wednesday.

Herzlich was one of several players from New England-area schools who worked out for NFL coaches and scouts at B.C.'s pro day.

"No one's guaranteed to get drafted," said Herzlich, who is expected to be taken in the later rounds of the NFL Draft. "No one's guaranteed to play football. It's kind of like recess in elementary school. They say it's a privilege to get to recess. "Being able to work as an NFL football player, that's a privilege. Football's been a great thing and a great privilege to play, and if I get to keep on playing, that's the best thing I could ask for right now."

Also at the workout was B.C. offensive lineman Anthony Castonzo, who could be taken as high as the first round in this year's draft.

"I was talking to a coach the other day and he said, 'Would you be adverse to us drafting you,' " said Castonzo, who started every game during his college career. "I'm like, 'Are you kidding me? I'm not adverse to anybody drafting me.' "

The Patriots had four representatives at the Heights for the workouts, including offensive line coach Dante Scarnecchia, who helped run offensive linemen drills.

Kirk Minihane highlights former NFL vice president of officiating Mike Pereira's guest appearance on The Big Show yesterday.  Pereira sees a significant flaw in the new rules on booth review for scoring plays.

"I'm not OK with the way the rule is written," Pereira said. "The rule — as it stands — says that you can review a play, the replay assistant can review it, if a touchdown or field goal or a safety is in fact ruled a score. But you can't review if it's not. So a pass that's ruled complete in the end zone for a touchdown can be reviewed but a pass that's ruled incomplete in the end zone cannot be reviewed. … If you get to a three-minute mark in the fourth quarter and a team is out of challenges, either out of timeouts or challenges, and all of the sudden that play happens, ruled incomplete but it's clear to everyone in the world that is complete, you can't review it? That to me is not very consistent with the fact that if it was ruled a touchdown you can reverse it to incomplete."



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