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NFL Draft 2011: The Next Few Weeks

Starting tomorrow, I'll be doing two-a-days to profile draft prospects and how they relate to the Patriots. The draft is in around five weeks so I'll be covering two positions a week. I believe that the Patriots are solid at quarterback, tight end, inside linebacker, and defensive/nose tackle so I won't be going as far in depth into those positions. Here's the weekly breakdown:

Week of March 27 - Running Backs + Safeties

Week of April 3 - Wide Receivers + Cornerbacks

Week of April 10 - Offensive Guards + Centers + Defensive Ends

Week of April 17 - Offensive Tackles + Outside Linebackers

Week of April 24 - Intriguing Prospects + Other Positions

Each week will follow a similar schedule:

Sunday - Weekly preview of both positions

Monday:Friday - Top 5 Offensive Prospect at Noon, Top 5 Defensive Prospect at 4pm

Saturday - Weekly recap and my top prospects

This should get us to the draft and it will provide us with more information regarding each prospect. We touched on most of the prospects the Patriots drafted last year (except for Jermaine Cunningham), so hopefully we can do just as well this year.

If you have any prospects you would want me to look at, feel free to post them!