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Patriots Draft Week in Preview: Safeties

Here's a list of top safeties in the 2011 NFL Draft, focusing on who the Patriots might be interested in drafting (mostly free safeties):

1. Rahim Moore

2. Quinton Carter

3. Deunta Williams

4. Jaiquawn Jarrett

5. Robert Sands

Mentions: Chris Conte, Jerrard Terrant

Let's look at some top safety numbers after the jump!

Most Interceptions (Career): Brian Lainhart, Kent State (FS, 17 INTs)

Most Interceptions (Past Season): Mana Silva, Hawaii (SS, 8 INTs)

Fastest 40 Yard Dash: Jeron Johnson, Boise State (SS, 4.53s Combine); Mark LeGree, Appalachian State (FS, 4.56s Combine)

Fastest 3 Cone: Ahmad Black, Florida (SS, 6.85s Combine); Mark LeGree, Appalachian State (FS, 6.90s Combine)

Longest Broad Jump: Robert Sands, West Virginia (FS, 10'4 Combine)

Highest Vertical Jump: Ahmad Black, Florida (SS, 35.5 Combine); Rahim Moore, UCLA (FS, 35.0 Combine)

Most Bench Presses: Jeron Johnson, Boise State (SS, 23 Combine); Mark LeGree, Appalachian State (FS, 21 Combine)