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Patriots Coffee Talk 3/7: WR or RB?

Since the end of the Patriots' season, there has been a consistent debate among Patriots fans whether or not the running back and/or the the wide receiver positions are "needs" this offseason for the Patriots.  Today's coffee talk isn't necessarily to answer the question if those positions are positions of needs, but rather, to raise the following question:

If you could take one player at either the running back or receiver position in the first two rounds of the NFL draft, which position would you address?

In other words, which position could use help more (if the Patriots were two use a first or second round pick on the position)?

Personally, I'm going to go with the wide receiver position.  I think the Patriots have a lot of quality depth at the position, but I feel that they could use a "bail out" option for Tom Brady.  Not someone who changes the complexity of the offense, but someone who could come in and fit into the system, yet have the ability to beat press-man coverage and make plays and be able to "bail" Tom Brady out of tough situations.  I think the Patriots may be able to pick up a running back who could contribute to a committee in the 3rd to 7th rounds, so if the Patriots were going to spend a top pick on one of those two positions, I would prefer it to be wide receiver.

Which position would you address?