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Patriots Draft Week in Preview: 3-4 Defensive Ends

1. Marcell Dareus, DE, Alabama

2. Cameron Jordan, DE, California

3. J.J. Watt, DE, Wisconsin

4. Cameron Heyward, DE, Ohio State University

5. Muhammad Wilkerson, DE, Temple

Mentions: Adrian Clayborn (Iowa), Corey Liuget (Illinois), Phil Taylor (Baylor), Christian Ballard (Iowa), Allen Bailey (Miami)

This year's draft is packed full of talent in the first and second rounds of the NFL Draft. It's clear that the top talent will be in the middle of the first round, but there will be a couple passable talents in the second round. The thought is that the Patriots need to draft another defensive end, but with Ron Brace, Marcus Stroud, Ty Warren and a couple other prospects (Mike Wright, Myron Pryor, Kyle Love, Brandon Deaderick) all competing for only two defensive end spots, there is only room for one more defensive lineman- and the Patriots' surprise move this year could be to not draft a defensive end at all. I wouldn't want the Patriots to pass over a defensive end, but I wouldn't be entirely surprised.

Who are some linemen you'd want me to look at?

Fastest 3 Cone Drill: J.J. Watt, Wisconsin, 6.88s

Fastest 40 Time: Allen Bailey, Miami, 4.77s

Fastest Short Shuttle: Adrian Clayborn, Iowa, 4.13s

Longest Broad Jump: J.J. Watt, Wisconsin, 10'0

Vertical Jump: J.J. Watt, Wisconsin, 37.0

Most Bench Press Repetitions: Adrian Taylor, Oklahoma; J.J. Watt, Wisconsin, 34 reps


Looking at the combine numbers alone, it's clear that J.J. Watt is the most athletic 3-4 defensive end prospect in this year's draft. We'll look at production as well as skill set over the week to see which players are the best fit for the Patriots.