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New England Patriots Links 4/11/11 - Ty Warren: MMA Training Is Really Working Out

Karen Guregian reports Ty Warren has added mixed martial arts-style training to his workout regimen.

"I was just looking for something different," Warren told the Herald last week. "I don’t wake up in the morning, and get all geeked up about going and squatting hundreds and thousands of pounds and benching crazy weight and stuff like that. With my war wounds, at this point in my career ... I was looking for something different so I could maintain my strength and at the same time focus more on my cardio strength and quickness."

"I’m excited to wake up. I look forward to it every day. I get up and can’t wait to do that deal," Warren said of his MMA regimen. "All my emphasis isn’t solely on MMA, but I’m implementing that along with stuff I’ve done in the past. It’s more for helping with longevity. So I’ve been running and doing all kinds of stuff."

"You start easy on the joints, but at the same time, I feel like I’m getting my workload in," he said. "It’s been good. I’ll be in excellent shape when I get back."

Karen Guregian gets Mel Kiper's thoughts on the success of the Patriots' draft strategy.

"Because (the Patriots) have traded around, they cost themselves (a shot at) Clay Matthews twice a few years ago," Kiper said. "So as good as they are, (would you say) that’s a terrible philosophy because New England could have had Matthews and they got too cute by trading down twice? No, because it’s worked for them. They’ve been right there. They’ve won Super Bowls. They’re in the mix to go to the Super Bowl.

"They’ll be in the mix the next three to four to five years because of what they’ve done. They made a mistake there, but nobody is infallible. No philosophy is perfect. You’re going to look bad sometimes. Same thing with the Colts. they’ve made some picks in the first round who haven’t necessarily gotten the job done ... but they have a philosophy and a formula that’s worked. Do they maybe have to alter that (philosophy) this year? Possibly. But they still may feel they can mold an offensive line that (doesn’t include) first-round picks)."