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New England Patriots Links 4/12/11 - BenJarvus Green-Ellis Gets In The Ring

Ian Rapoport reports BenJarvus Green-Ellis has been training like a fighter, boxing at Miami's famed 5th Street Gym.

"There’s a lot of great tradition at the gym — you really have to check it out," Green-Ellis told the Herald. "And when I leave there, I’m drenched from head to toe like I hopped out of the swimming pool."

Sure, he’ll still do football drills outside or head inside to lift weights. But his goal is to mimic his training in New England "with a little bit more." Boxing has given him that. No, he doesn’t intend to become a two-sport athlete like Ravens safety and boxer Tom Zbikowski. But he is training five times a week.

"We have so much time on our hands nowadays," Green-Ellis said. "Besides waking up and going through your normal football training, the rest of the day is free. I go do boxing. It’s a great experience."

"They really put me through it," Green-Ellis said. "There’s no sitting down. I like it, and it’s especially good for my core, that’s where it starts. Working on hand/eye coordination, my footwork in there, keeping up my good cardio, different things for my shoulders — it helps out. And I like being able to hit the pads. They push me to my limits and past my limits."

"As those punches are coming, you still have to be able to move when you’re tired," he said. "Your body might be gone, but your mind has to out-will the body."

"It’s easy to think that you’re going to be a lot quicker, but until somebody’s actually coming to tackle you, I don’t think that’ll be a fair judgment," Green-Ellis said. "But I feel good. You want to get to the point of increasing the foot speed and quickness. That’s the ultimate goal."


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