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Patriots Hosting Syracuse Linebacker Doug Hogue on Pre-Draft Visit

According to Ian Rapoport of the Boston Herald (who has been really on top of visits), the Patriots conducted/are conducting a pre-draft visit with Syracuse linebacker Doug Hogue today.

Standing at 6'2.5" and 234 pounds, Hogue spent the firsts two seasons of his Syracuse career where he was actually pretty productive as a running back.  After Greg Robinson was fired following the 2008 season, Hogue moved to outside linebacker under new head coach Doug Marrone.  He immediately excelled alongside middle linebacker Derrell Smith, becoming a leader on defense and racking up nine sacks.  Hogue continued his development in 2010, showcasing improved awareness of the linebacker position.  While he does not have tremendous size, he is extremely athletic and explosive, and has surprisingly good instincts for a player who so recently made a position change from running back to linebacker.

Hogue could also be an impact player on special teams from the get-go.  In a lot of ways, with his ability to rush up the middle from the linebacker position, athleticism, and smaller size for a 3-4 inside linebacker, he reminds me of a poor man's Lawrence Timmons.  It wouldn't surprise me to see Hogue go somewhere around the fifth round of the draft.