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NFL Draft 2011: Bill Parcell's Draft Board

Bill Parcells is no longer a part of the Miami Dolphins, but he's still a part of the football community. He has a bit on ESPN to talk about the draft and, in the background, is Parcell's Big Board of players. After a lot of pausing and print screening, I was able to come up with a fair amount of his graded prospects:


1st: Newton, Gabbert

2nd: Mallett, Ponder, Locker

3rd: Dalton, Kaepernick



1st: Green, Jones

2nd: Smith, Cobb, Young

3rd: Hankerson, Baldwin, Pettis, Jernigan, Gates (?)



1st: Ingram

2nd: Williams, Thomas, Leshoure

3rd: Murray, Hunter



1st: Rudolph

2nd: None



1st: Solder, Smith, Castonzo

2nd: Sherrod, Reid

3rd: Cannon, Carimi, Ijalana



1st: None

2nd: Watkins, Wisniewski

3rd: Carpenter, Rackley

4th: Boling, Moffitt



1st: Pouncey

2nd: None

3rd: Hudson

4th: Fusco

See his defensive rankings after the jump!


1st: Watt, Bowers, Heyward, Jordan, Quinn, Clayborne

2nd: Bailey, Acho

3rd: Ballard, Sheard, McPhee

4th: Romeus



1st: Dareus, Fairley, Taylor, Wilkerson

2nd: Liuget, Paea, Austin

3rd: Nevis, Ellis, Powell, Jenkins



1st: Miller, Smith, Kerrigan

2nd: Ayers, Moch, Houston



1st: Irving

2nd: Wilson, Carter

3rd: Matthews, Sheppard, Homan

4th: Jones, Sturdivant



1st: None

2nd: Moore, McDaniel



1st: Peterson, Amukamara

2nd: Smith, Williams, Brown(?), Harris

There are some question marks as I couldn't completely discern the footage, but I feel like this is a pretty solid compilation of Parcell's board. First thing I notice is that Parcells is planning for a heavy 4-3 defense, where the linebackers have to be beefy. The offensive line is based on potential, as opposed to certainty, as surprise player Jah Reid out of UCF passes even Carimi, who drops to the third.

While I'm not sure if this board will happen, it's important to see how one of the top evaluators of talent has set his board, especially one who has had so much influence on Belichick.

If you see any differences, post in the comments and I'll edit it into the list.