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New England Patriots Links 4/27/11 - Patriots 2011 NFL Draft: Searching For Seymour

Ian Rapoport gets some lockout thoughts from Vince Wilfork who attended Matt Light's lockout breakfast yesterday morning.

"Still got a ways to go, but it is a positive," Wilfork said. "Hopefully we’ll be getting something done sooner rather than later. I think a lot of guys around the league miss football."

"I won’t head to Foxboro until everything’s over," Wilfork said. "I don’t think that’s the right play in this situation. I got everything I need down in Florida in my house."

"I tell my wife (Bianca) all the time that I could get used to retirement," Wilfork said, with a hint of a smile. "She just gives me a look like, ‘You’re crazy.’ That’s one of those things that does go through your mind. You never know how long this thing gets dragged out. Hopefully, it will be over soon and we can all be back to doing what we love."

"Hopefully, the owners don’t hold any grudges against the players and the players feel the same way (when it ends)," Wilfork said. "Because we’re all going to fight for one goal and that’s to win the championship. That’s what it’s all about."

Ian Rapoport talks with Logan Mankins about his situation, the lawsuit and the lockout.

"I think all the players needed guys to step up and do it," Mankins told the Herald. "I don’t know that everyone would do it if they had the opportunity. But I felt that, if it’s going to help out everyone in the NFL, then I would put my name on there."

"Nothing changes for me," said Mankins, who has mostly remained at home with his family.

This year, he won’t be heading to Foxboro for workouts because he hasn’t signed his franchise tag. It’s not clear if he will do so when a collective bargaining agreement is struck. Yet Mankins is rooting for the elimination of the franchise tag in negotiations.

"That would be nice," Mankins said with a smile. "Because I’ve heard there’s this thing in football called free agency. It’s been two years now and I haven’t seen it. Maybe one of these days I could actually experience that."