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NFL Draft Rumors: Patriots Looking to Move Up to Six?

Accord to a report from Greg A. Bedard of the Boston Globe, the Patriots have reportedly inquired about the Cleveland Brown's sixth overall pick.  This comes after a tweet from ESPN last night reported the Patriots were one of a handful of teams looking to move up in the first round.

Reportedly, the team could be targeting the likes of Robert Quinn, Julio Jones, or Patrick Peterson.  A.J. Green remains a possibility, but I see Jones as the perfect fit for the Patriots offensive scheme with his physicality and route running ability.

Of course, this is just a rumor, but an interesting rumor nonetheless.  Bill Belichick has accumulated draft picks for years, but could this be the time he finally moves up and gets that big name player?  I'm confident in Robert Quinn as an outside linebacker in the 3-4 scheme.  He looked good in limited opportunities when asked to drop back into coverage while at North Carolina.  He's has the highest potential of any pass rusher in the draft.

And for people that do not think that the Patriots won't draft an outside linebacker high, remember what we said about inside linebacker?  The selection of Jerod Mayo at 10th overall in 2008 certainly changed that perception.

What would it take for the Patriots to get up to six?  Here are some possibilities according to the NFL Draft Value Chart:

17 + 28 (1610) = 6 (1600) + 7th round pick

17 + 33 + 125  (1577) + (late round consideration) = 6 (1600)

How would you feel if the Patriots packaged together picks and moved up?  Feel free to sound off!