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NFL Draft Rumors 2011: Patriots Trying to Move Up For Cam Jordan

Update: Adam Schefter recently tweeted that the Dallas-Patriots trade "will not happen," but that Dallas still wants to move back. Chris Mortensen replied by saying there was "buzz" surrounding a potential deal, but no news. We'll wait and see.

According to a tweet from Chris Mortensen of ESPN, the New England Patriots are reportedly attempting to trade up into the top 10 to select California defensive lineman Cameron Jordan, with the Dallas Cowboys selection at #9 being the target spot.

Certainly, this is interesting news. This is also the second report that we have received today about the Patriots looking to trade up into the top ten. The first report, from the Boston Globe, had the Patriots looking at the Browns #6 pick, with Robert Quinn being the ideal target. The second report seems to give some validity to the idea that the Patriots are looking to trade up. The difference: the target?

There's no doubt in my mind that Cameron Jordan would be an excellent fit for the Patriots. The question is: where? Does he lose 10 pounds and become an elephant outside linebacker? Or does he gain 5-10 pounds and play right end? No matter where he plays, his versatility should play a factor. Bill Belichick could play him all over the place, which could make him a dangerous option.

Many mocks have had Jordan going to the Patriots at 17 for quite some time, so that fact that the Bill Belichick could be looking to trade into the top ten to ensure they get him; that would certainly make me much more confident in the pick.