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NFL Draft 2011: Patriots Trade 28th Overall with New Orleans Saints

The Patriots have made their first trade of the draft and decided to move out of the 28th overall position. Coach Bill Belichick had been talking about the value of drafting a first round running back before the draft, so he clearly was not interested in drafting RB Mark Ingram. However, the New Orleans Saints were definitely interested. In exchange for the Patriots' 28th overall pick, the Saints gave their current 2nd round pick (#56) and their 2012 1st round pick. Looking at the draft chart, the Patriots have made a deal where they cannot lose in value (assuming that the future pick is worth the middle of the next round from this year).

The Patriots now have three picks in the second round (#33, #56, #60) and two more in the third (#74, #92). Tomorrow should be an extremely active day for the Patriots; don't be surprised to see them make two or three trades within the second round. I expect them to trade #33 into the future as a team will try and leap frog the Bills and the Bengals to grab quarterback Andy Dalton and to pick up another 2012 first round pick. I would also expect them to move up towards the middle of the round to grab an outside linebacker.

I believe that the Patriots have received great value from this deal and will continue to have success trading picks tomorrow.