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Patriots Had the Inside Scoop on Offensive Tackle Nate Solder

As Head Coach Bill Belichick mentions in his press conference, the Patriots were able to postpone their meeting with Colorado tackle Nate Solder until the very last minute because they were getting some information from former coaches. When Strength and Conditioning coach Mike Woicik left at the end of the season, the Patriots hired Moses Cabrera to be the new assistant to the promoted Harold Nash. Cabrera was the strength and conditioning coach at Fresno State from 2004-09 and he actually spent the entire 2010 season as the strength and conditioning coach for Colorado. It turns out that the Patriots were able to learn about Solder without revealing their interest to the other teams.

The Patriots didn't meet with Solder until this past Monday, when offensive line coach Dante Scarneccia ran him through some basic drills. It seems that Cabrera's information helped the Patriots make this extremely important draft pick. It just shows how much Belichick trusts in his coaches when evaluating and preparing talent.