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2011 NFL Draft: Patriots Trade 60th Overall to Texans

At the 60th overall spot in the draft, the New England Patriots decided to trade down with the Houston Texans.

60th -> 73rd + 138th

According to the draft chart, the Patriots have the short side of the trade, by around 40 points (or the equivalent of an additional 5th round pick). However, the Patriots are eager to acquire additional late round picks in order to add depth and draft small school prospects and were willing to receive a discount to acquire a 5th round pick. Also, they believe that the difference of value is recovered by owning the 74th overall pick, giving the Patriots two picks in a row in the third round.

I believe that the Patriots will go interior line in the third round and they have the opportunity to trade one of the early third round picks into a future 2nd round pick. Let's see what the Patriots do with the draft picks before judging the move.