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2011 NFL Draft: Patriots Trade 92nd + 125th to Oakland

The Patriots must not have anyone on their board in the next couple rounds, since they traded their 92nd overall (their final 3rd round pick) and their 125th (their only 4th round pick) to the Oakland Raiders in exchange for the 219th overall (7th round), and a 2012 2nd round pick. This means that the Patriots will have four picks in the first two rounds next year. What is odd about this trade is that they did not wait until the 92nd pick to make the trade- they shipped the picks at around the 80th overall. This means that the Patriots have a clean big board and are looking towards the end of the draft, as well as the future.

It's also interesting to point out that two top guards (John Moffitt and Will Rackley) were drafted prior to the Patriots' trading their draft picks.

The Patriots have not addressed the defensive end or outside linebacker position this year, and I'm not really surprised. Beyond the first round, the draft was pretty weak at defensive end and there were no real OLBs in the early part of the draft.

Oakland will be playing the AFC East (Patriots, Jets, Dolphins, Bills) and the NFC North (Vikings, Bears, Packers, Lions), and I honestly would not be surprised to see the Raiders finish under .500 next year. I see them finishing the year around 6-10, yielding a top 40 pick in the next draft. Of course, we'll have to wait until next year to see the full result of this trade.