Why mallet might be a good pick, and the DE/OLB issue.

I was going to do one on him and the RBs that they took, but everyone already settled in on the RBs, so I'll just go with Mallet and the DE/OLB issue. First, the easy part:

Now, for our front seven and pass rushing thing.


We currently have Eric Moore who looked very good in the games he was in last year. We can also still get OLBs in the draft, Nink was good with us. Not spectacular, but he did the job well, and will only improve(at least I hope).


We have a host of DL coming back from injury last year. But a couple prospects come to mind for the position: Brandon Deadrick, and Myron Pryor.

Both of these guys looked good in their games last year, and both can play RE. Imagine Pryor/Deadrick, Wilfork, Warren. I'd say I'll be happy about that. We also have Stroud, but I have no idea how that will turn out.

As for OL. I think we'll resign Mankins, and get an OL like: Solder, Mankins, Kopped, Connelly, Vollmer.

I like that quite a bit. I think Light is gone by the way. :(

Now onto Mallet

Like many of you, I cried out WHAT THE F***UCK and something exploded in the room I was in. Mallet. The guy who has:

A) Character issues

B) Bad pocket awareness and some skills

I think there was one more, but I digress.

Saying these things would scare any person away. Here, I will try and address every issue I can.

First, character issues.

I will associate drug use in here as well. Was said to be immature, and he admitted drug use. Sounds horrible right?

I have an article here:

in the article, a GM had a remark:

"One G.M. said Mallett was the first quarterback ever to admit his drug usage to him in interviews, and his willingness to be honest about his past and acknowledge issues is viewed as a positive," Nawrocki writes. "Concerns about his history of use could impact his draft position, though."

A positive. This is a very good sign imo as well. This can show that he may be trying to get over it, but I dont know. Only BB knows.

The article also says that he has never tested positive on drugs, even though he was arrested for intoxication, and "known as a big party guy."

This looks bad, I know. But here is what I say:

We have a GREAT QB to mentor him, and help him along with maturing. We have a GREAT HC who the players on the team LOVES, so I have no doubt Mallett will like BB as well, and we have a GREAT QB coach to help him as well.

Our team has so many veterans, and is filled with a positive atmosphere, that can envelop Mallett. And he is going to a winning team. Gotta love that I assume. This will certainly help develop his character.

And via Hill: "He got a 26 on the wonderlick test. About the same as Brady and Brees"

Next is the important part: Skills and Intangibles

Let me start out by saying this. Mallet was a 1st round prospect, picked up tin the 3rd. Good value. Mallet was also considered the MOST PURE PASSER in the draft as well. Keep that in mind, but lets see what I came here to talk about.

Mallet was not very good in pocket presence in college. We can establish that. But we must also establish this:

1) He was showing VERY GOOD pocket presence facing OSU. Take a look at his game:

Ryan Mallett Sugar Bowl performance (via mathew40)

When watching this with Ninja, I constantly complemented hiw ACCURATE his throws were. I was amazed to tell the truth. Ninja told me that he takes sacks a lot, and I believe him but, he didnt show that AT ALL in the sugar bowl.

Now, I know its the sugar bowl, a bowl game. But this shows that he HAS these abilities, and having Brady, BB, and our coaching staff helping him out, there is a good possibility that he can be consistent in these (And ninja, acknowledging Cam Heyward in the bowl game as well, you must also have to acknowledge Mallet in the bowl in terms of both of their potentials).

he showed me AMAZING accuracy, and he does have great arm strength. He also showed me he DOES have the ability to have great pocket presence.

I thought it was too early for a QB, but hey, Mallet seems like a good pickup. he is not Whats his name that we drafted in the 3rd round a few years ago. Mallet is a 1st round caliber QB that is the best overall passer, that is very young, and Im sure willing to wait 3-4 years under Brady to learn the position.

With his admittance to drugs, and the GREAT environment that he is in, I can be sure that this pick will turn out to be a very good one in the end. I know I may be in the minority, but I dont mind this pick.

here's highlights of him though. Like the song that goes with it(shows intensity early in the vid that reminds me of brady......)

Mallett For Heisman 2010 - Sweet Dreams (via hurtty)

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