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2011 NFL Draft: Don't Worry- Patriots Will Address Pass Rush Today

I know a lot of you are sad that the Patriots' seemingly ignored the pass rushing situation. Well, Belichick addressed those concerns in his press conference last night:

Q: So far you haven’t drafted a pass rusher. Do you feel like you have players here and you don’t need to upgrade?
BB: We have some young players on our roster and I think that those players – in all the various positions, not just at that specifically – but I think younger players will still continue to develop. But there are good players up there on the board and we got the ones that we felt were best for us. There are other players that are good players, too, that went to the other teams. That’s the way it always is.

My thought is that Belichick is happy with the development of Ron Brace and Myron Pryor, and the return of Ty Warren, and that they will improve the outside linebackers on the roster. Jermaine Cunningham will still develop and I wouldn't be surprised to see certain players (Dane Fletcher, Gary Guyton) more utilized on the outside.

Belichick gave a solid non-answer, but he didn't go too in depth into the position. As a result of that response, I feel like the Patriots will take an OLB or DE project in the closing rounds of the draft.