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2011 NFL Draft: Notes From Bill Belichick's Day Three Press Conference

Marcus Cannon, OG/OT, TCU:

Cannon presented good value. He was a highly rated player and the felt comfortable taking him in the 5th round. Belichick does not know the time frame surrounding Cannon, but he's comfortable with what he presents. Hasn't decided whether Cannon is a guard or tackle. Team doctors told Belichick their thoughts on Cannon and he felt he was worth the risk. Every player's injury is different and everyone heals differently. Unique situation because the Patriots won't be able to contact Cannon. Belichick has a discount value on players with injuries or concerns (Mallett, Cannon) and Cannon was worth the value.

Lee Smith, TE, Marshall:

Outstanding blocker. Belichick knew his father while at Cleveland.

Markell Carter, OLB, Central Arkansas:

Carter had success while in college.

Malcolm Williams, CB, TCU:

Fast, physical player who will be useful in the kicking game. There was enough tape on Williams to evaluate him.

Rookie Free Agents:

Cannot sign rookie FAs and they aren't allowed to speak to them.

Current OLBs in the roster:

More comfortable with the current OLBs than others might think. Eric Moore has had a productive career and showed a lot of promise, joining the team at the end of the season and immediately contributing. He has things going for him. Wants to give players like Moore (also mentions Woodhead) a full off-season with the team to show their skill sets.

On OLBs and DEs in the draft:

The draft fell in a way that shifted the Patriots away from certain players. There were early runs on OLBs and DEs that forced OLBs with less value up the draft board. Belichick does not overdraft a player and thought their value was not worth the pick and didn't trade up to beat the inflation. (my thoughts: Implied that he did not have a first round grade on Muhammad Wilkerson and Cameron Heyward). There were some players he had his eyes on, but the players were unavailable because the teams were unwilling to trade. (my thoughts: Aldon Smith). The draft fell so that players were drafted higher than they were valued. In response, the Patriots drafted players who dropped because less valued players were rising up the board.

On drafting 6/9 players on the offensive side of the ball:

Belichick didn't enter the draft planning on addressing one side of the ball- he never does. It's just how the board fell with early runs on defensive players. Have to accept how the board falls into place and make lemonade out of the lemons (my words).

On trading with the Eagles from 193 to 194 with no compensation:

Belichick thought it was for the best of the team. I believe it's so they can pay less for a player.

NOTE: The Patriots have NOT traded with the Eagles every year since '00. It's a false statement. They've made four trades. FOUR.

On the type of players they draft:

Belichick doesn't enter the draft looking to draft a certain quantity of captains, but the Patriots value leadership and the qualities that are associated with leadership. Captains are usually hard workers and the Patriots value work. They want good football players. Can't predict which players will contribute, but they will all have a fair chance.