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Most Valuable Patriots Player Not Named Tom Brady Bracket Contest Update

Over the weekend, we announced our first annual Most Valuable Patriots Player Not Named Tom Brady bracket competition.  The rules are simple, simply pick the players you think are most valuable to the team based on a mix of current and future value (although for the brackets, your best bet is to pick the players you think the community will select).

Anyways, the competition has generated a fair amount of buzz and brackets, and I figured that I may as well hold off until Saturday to start.  That's good news, as it gives everybody more time to get there brackets in for the competition.  The new deadline for submitting brackets to is this Saturday at noon (12:00 PM) Eastern Time (that's 6:00 PM Arctic Time, for those wondering).

We had some requests for different file formats, and different submission questions... all of that and more after the jump. 

I've gotten some questions on how to submit the bracket.  Honestly, I really don't care as long as it is legible to me.  I had one person ask if they could print their bracket out, fill it in, then send me a photo/scan... that is perfectly fine.  I've had some people use Microsoft Paint.  Others have filled in just numbers (of the players' seed) to save time: this is also perfectly fine.

Links for downloadable bracket:

Patriots MVP bracket (.docx)

Patriots MVP bracket (.doc)

Patriots MVP bracket (.PDF)

The reason I enlarged the .PDF file is because if you have a PDF reader (like Adobe or Foxit), it's really easy write in your choices because you do not have to worry about the formatting issues that are present in the word format.