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Patriots NFL Draft Prospect: WR Torrey Smith, Maryland

Name: WR Torrey Smith

School: Maryland

Size: 6'1, 204 lbs

Expected Round: 2nd

40 Time: 4.41s

Career Stats: Click Here.

Player Previews: CBS; Walter Football; NFL Combine [If you would like your website included, please e-mail me!]

Strengths: Improved each year in college, which means that he has considerable upside at the NFL level. Elite speed and can be a burner. Elite kick returner. High quality locker room player who will always try his best on the field. Field stretcher when sent on Go routes.

Weaknesses: Definitely struggled against the better defenses and padded his stats against weaker defenses. Upside is only as a #2 receiver. Not an experienced route runner since he ran the same few routes. Average in run blocking, not very physical. Ran mostly bubble screens so he's not as experienced catching over his shoulder or in stride. Project.

Why and Why Not the Patriots after the jump, and my final verdict!

Why the Patriots?: If you want a field stretcher, Smith is the guy for you. Some may associate him with Darrius Heyward-Bey, but they're completely different players. Smith shows commitment and had on-field production in college. He's possibly one of the best locker room guys in the draft and would be great off the field. He has some upside and has the chance to be one of the better receivers in the draft.

Why Not the Patriots?: Think Brandon Tate without the injury. Seriously- that's about it. Kick returner? Check. Burner? Check. Raw route runner? Definitely check. Used on end-arounds and bubble screens? Yep. The Patriots already have a Smith in Brandon Tate and there's no need to spend a second pick on a repeat player, if both players won't be on the field at the same time.

Verdict: I'll pass on Smith. He's a high character guy and I hope he finds success in the NFL, but he doesn't bring anything new to the table and he'd be too much of a luxury pick at a position where he doesn't even fill a specific need.