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New England Patriots Links 4/05/11 - AFC East Foes Aware Of Patriots Draft Advantage

<em>It's all handshakes here, but Chan Gailey knows Bill Belichick will probably keep on winning with his stockpile of draft picks</em>.
It's all handshakes here, but Chan Gailey knows Bill Belichick will probably keep on winning with his stockpile of draft picks.

Greg A. Bedard talks with AFC East division foes about the Patriots' enviable position heading into the Draft.

All Dolphins coach Tony Sparano could do was shake his head even before the question was finished.

"Look, we all compete within the division, there’s no question about it, and we all keep an eye on what everybody else is doing,’’ said Sparano, whose team went 7-9 last season. "So I think with the number of picks that they have and the ways to improve their football team with young players through the draft — which is really the way, they’ve done a great job of that — it becomes a little bit, from our end, competitive in that we know what we have and we know what they have from a pick standpoint and we have to try to continue to compete.

"We have to do the best job we can with what we have to be able to compete with those people. But they certainly have the opportunity to make their team better with the number of picks that they have.’’

Chan Gailey, whose Bills were 4-12, chose to have fun with the Patriots’ embarrassment of riches.

"They’re probably unbeatable,’’ he said. "Probably go undefeated for three, four straight years.’’

And then he made an important point. "Hey, they’ve got to get it right, they have to stay healthy,’’ Gailey said. "They’re just like everybody else. You have to do everything just as right as you can do it and keep trying to win. "And they’ve done a good job of it. They’ve done a good job of compiling picks for this draft and they’ll probably parlay some of this into something next year.’’

Does Jets coach Rex Ryan have any thoughts on this?

"Yeah,’’ he said, laughing. "Play all those rookies. That’s how I look at it. Play them all.’’


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