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Sad Fact: The Patriots Need Offensive Line Help.

Yes, this is an old horse. However, I was just checking the numbers and I found something that made me really sad:

The Patriots have allowed as many sacks in their previous five playoff games (16) as they allowed during the entire 2009 season.

Seriously? That's bad. Another fact:

Dolphins - 2

Ravens - 3

Chargers - 1

Jets - 3

Bears - 1

Packers - 1

Titans - 1

Colts - 1

Total = 13

Out of the 34 games of the past two seasons, Brady has been sacked multiple times in 13 of those games (this also means around 60% of the sacks came in a little over 33% of the games). Pittsburgh is the only top defense that the Patriots have faced that have not recorded a multi-sack day over the past two seasons. but when you look at those teams, you see that the AFC East teams dominate (and they play twice a year), and that the perennial rivals Ravens, Chargers, and Colts show up. Add in the reigning NFC Championship teams, the Bears and Packers, and this clearly means that the Patriots' offensive line struggles against the top competition in the league.

So while the offense may continue to put up points in the regular season, something clearly has to be done if the Patriots wish to continue that success in the playoffs. In the playoffs, they'll only be facing the top defenses who have had no problem generating pressure against Brady. Let's hope the Patriots find Brady some help in the draft.