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Patriots NFL Draft Prospect: WR A.J. Green, Georgia

Name: WR A.J. Green


Size: 6'4, 211 lbs

Expected Round: 1st, Top 5 Overall

40 Time: 4.48s

Career Stats: Click Here.

Player Previews: CBS; Walter FootballNFL Combine [If you would like your website included, please e-mail me!]

Strengths: Prototypical size for a receiver. Solid route runner who is a fluid athlete. Plucks the ball out of the air, which is how he separates himself from Julio Jones as a prospect. Tremendous body control. Runs all routes and can lull defenders into inaction. Catches almost anything in his direction. Strong player who can disengage from jams. Performs well against NFL level talent.

Weaknesses: Has not had a 1000 yard season. Not the best blocker and might need to bulk up. Suspended for four games this past season for selling a jersey to an agent (probably would have broken 1000 yards).

Why and Why Not the Patriots after the jump, and my final verdict!

Why the Patriots?: Green is the best receiver in the draft, hands down. Green can run any route, anywhere, with great precision and could be Tom Brady's best friend. He would immediately produce like one of the best receivers in the NFL if Brady was throwing him the ball. The offense would have an elite WR in Green, an elite Slot in Wes Welker, and an elite TE in Rob Gronkowski. I don't see how defenses could stop the pass.

Why Not the Patriots?: Would require the Patriots to sell the farm, the kitchen sink, and a book full of cliches. The cost of trading up, weighed against the many other needs of the team prevents the Patriots from making the deal. Really the only reason.

Verdict: I can see why Green is rated higher than Jones; Green grabs the ball out of the air, while Jones lets it get closer to his body, which can result in a greater number of drops, or passes knocked away. If the moon, the stars, and the sun all align and Green drops out of the top 10 (which has a 0.000000012% chance of occurring), then the Patriots should definitely pony up the draft picks and take Green. However, that's not happening and Green will be nothing more than a wish.

Click here to see a video and another player evaluation of A.J. Green. Worth reading.