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Patriots' Prospects Week in Review: Wide Receivers

Randall Cobb is a versatile player. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Randall Cobb is a versatile player. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
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5. Leonard Hankerson, Miami

4. Torrey Smith, Maryland

3. Jonathan Baldwin, Pittsburgh

2. Julio Jones, Alabama

1. A.J. Green, Georgia


A.J. Green is the best receiver in the draft and if Julio Jones works on grabbing the ball out of the air, he could have a similar career. The other receivers have their own question marks (Hankerson's hands, Smith's route running, Baldwin's technique), which is what will drop them into the second round. I don't think the Patriots should use a draft pick on any of these players, but should let Taylor Price and Brandon Tate develop for another season. If that fails, there will be prospects available next season.

Let's look at some additional prospects after the jump!

Randall Cobb, Kentucky - Smart player who has a great combination of speed, hands, and passion for the game. He's small so he's better fit as a #2 receiver or a slot guy. Weapon out of the backfield. [2nd round]

Titus Young, Boise State - Similar player to Cobb, except he's a deep threat as opposed to a slot receiver. He drops some passes, but could be the deep threat the Patriots need. [2nd-3rd round]

Edmund Gates, Abilene Christian - Burner with great size. Played against small schools, but he has the ability to make plays with great hands. He's like a Taylor Price; great talent, raw prospect with little route running experience. [3rd round]

Niles Paul, Nebraska - Experienced route runner with great speed and strength. Solid size. Needs to improve his hands and has some character concerns. [4th round]

Greg Salas, Hawaii - Strong player who can catch everything thrown in his direction. Questionable production against top competition and needs to work on his football skill set (route running, separation, initial step speed). [4th-5th round]


The Patriots can wait until next year to think about a wide receiver, but if they were to draft a player, Edmund Gates seems like the typical Patriots' draftee. This year's draft is full of solid sized, solid speed receivers (6-1, 200 lbs, sub~4.5ish) in the middle-late rounds. I wouldn't be surprised if the Patriots ignored the WR spot until the 6th round, or the entire draft.