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New England Patriots Links 5/17/11 - Drew Bledsoe Humbled, Honored By Fans Support

Drew Bledsoe talks about a few memories that stand out from his years in New England.

Oh geeze, there are so many it's hard to cycle through all of them, but there are some times that stand out pretty clearly, beginning with being drafted and coming out there in 1993, a 21-year-old kid out of Walla Walla, Washington and coming in as the number one draft pick to the New England Patriots was a pretty heady time for a small town kid. So that memory and all that went with that - being in New York and then coming up to Boston and kind of being inserted into that melee was pretty crazy times.

But then particular games that stand out: the game against the Vikings in 1994 that started our seven-game win streak to get us into the playoffs was a huge memory. 1996 having the two playoff games in Foxborough stands out really clearly in my mind. The start of the Steelers game with the fog settling in there and the crowd was as loud as Foxborough ever was in my recollection - that playoff game against the Steelers in ‘96 and then winning the AFC championship game there in front of our fans that were so deserving was a great memory. And then, obviously, in '01, getting hurt and watching Tom Brady take over and beginning what's been just a spectacular run of his, and to come back in and play in the AFC championship game against the Steelers in Pittsburgh and help us win that game is a memory that stands out very clearly.

Bill Belichick offered the following comments on Drew Bledsoe being voted the 2011 Patriots Hall of Fame Enshrinee.

"I congratulate Drew on this most deserving honor. For his production at the quarterback position and his professionalism for nearly a decade, Drew was instrumental in helping put this franchise back on the map. His induction will be an appropriate celebration of an outstanding career."

Ian Rapoport reports Bill Belichick has to adjust his plans, forget about minicamp, focus on training camp and shrink the playbook with the lengthened lockout.

"At one point, we had to prepare for the offseason program, and that’s not really a part of it now," Belichick said. "We talked about some kind of minicamp or (organized team activities), but now, we just turn our attention to training camp and get our teaching and organization straight there."

"Whatever the time frame is, if it’s less than what we’re used to having, which I agree it seems like it’s going to be, (we’ll adjust)," Belichick said. "We’ll have to take the windows that we have to teach things and try to see how much we feel realistically we can get done. Something’s going to have to go, I would think. The progression’s got to stay the same, but the breadth of that amount of installation could be subject to being trimmed back, maybe drastically."