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New England Patriots Links 5/26/11 - Nate Solder Calls For Support, O-Line Responds

Karen Guregian hears from rookie OL Nate Solder on how he's handling the lockout.

"Things have slowed down; a little too slow right now," Solder said Tuesday. "I’m kinda bored."

"I’ve talked to Logan and I’ve talked to Sebastian (Vollmer). That was suggested to me by some of the guys with the Patriots, some of the coaches. Those were two good guys to contact," Solder said. "They told me, ‘You’re not trying to run for governor. But it would be good to get to know some people.’ "

"I’m still in the dark. But they’re going to put some stuff together for me," Solder said. "I don’t know what it’s going to be. But I hope it’s some vocabulary stuff, some general play kind of stuff so I can get familiar with it."

"Sebastian mentioned to me today that he had some DVDs," Solder said when asked if someone had film he could study. "When I go out there, we can look over that stuff and talk football. I’m counting on that."

"Logan was kind of telling me, ‘Make sure you’re in good condition because (offensive line coach Dante) Scarnecchia is going to be tough on the position drills, so be ready for that,’ ’’ Solder said.

"I’m living with my strength coach, so I’m saving some money," Solder said. "I’m definitely saving as much as I can."

It’s the same strength coach who puts Solder through a three-hour workout every day to help him prepare for Scarnecchia.

"I’m disappointed not having rookie camp, and getting to know the other rookies, and getting to know the plays and the coaches," he said. "I am disappointed that’s not going on. But what can you say?"