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New England Patriots Links 5/31/11 - Julian Edelman Always Learning, Always Prepared

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Mike Rodak highlights Julian Edelman's recent appearance on NFL Total Access.

Playing with Tom Brady: "I'll tell you right now, Tom does it all. Watching him orchestrate a drive, or watching him lead the team, it's a thing of beauty. He works his tail off. It's not just football things you learn from him. You learn how to be a professional when you see Tom Brady. How to handle everyday life. How to deal with meetings, deal with the coaches, all that stuff. Tom's an unbelievable guy and he works his tail off for everything he is."

His offseason regimen: "I'm over at [Athletes' Performance Institute] in Carson, [California], working out with a bunch of guys with [trainer] Travelle Gaines. I'm treating it like it's our offseason back in Foxborough, but out here in [Los Angeles]. Staying physically ready for when this thing gets pulled up. Trying to look over notes and my playbook, occasionally talking to guys on the team. I go out there and work out every morning, after that I meet up with some QBs and catch some balls in the afternoon. After that I kind of relax and wait for these guys to get this stuff handled."

Working behind Wes Welker: "Like Brian's done with Tom, I've done with Wes. You just sit back and you watch these guys, and you pick them apart, you see everything they do and you try to add it to your game. I may not be getting all the reps in practice, but I'm getting a lot of mental reps that I'm taking and I'm watching one of the best do it. It's been a huge privilege for me watching this guy do his craft, learning from him, and taking some things from him, and using it to my own game."

His long hair: "I just haven't cut my hair in a while. It's like a playoff beard, a lockout look. Lockout locks."

Ian Rapoport notes BenJarvus Green-Ellis gave rookie RBs Shane Vereen and Stevan Ridley a call after they were drafted, with some guidance.

"I congratulated them on getting drafted and made sure they’re working out. Because obviously, they’re the ones that are at a disadvantage. Not just those two guys, but all the rookies coming into the NFL right now."

"They don’t get to go through rookie passing camps and OTAs, and there are about 15 days of those," Green-Ellis continued. "And between 15 days of OTAs and three days of mini-camps, they are missing a lot of practice time where you get to learn a lot of the system. Obviously, things are going to be a little bit advanced for those guys — all the rookies coming in. So, I was just making sure those guys are working out, doing the things that they can do, that they can control right now. And that’s about all that we all can do."