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New England Patriots Links 5/05/11 - Ras-I Dowling 'Embodies Everything a Player Should Be'

Christopher Price hears from Virginia defensive coordinator Jim Reid that the Patriots got a winner in Ras-I Dowling.

"I’m sorry," said Reid, who is the associate head coach and defensive coordinator at the University of Virginia. "I’m not objective about him. I love the guy. He embodies everything a player should be. He’s a high-character guy, he works hard and he’s terrific. You don’t have to worry about him doing something unprofessional. He’s just a great role model.

"He’s the type of guy honestly, as a parent, you just get on your knees and pray he’s the kind of guy your daughter brings home one day."

As for a scouting report on Dowling, Reid said he’s a cornerback in name only, and lends some credence to the belief that he might provide some positional versatility with a move to safety sometime in the future. "He can play bump and run and he can play man seven yards off the line. He can play whatever you need," Reid said. "The guy looks like a linebacker when you see him. He’s a remark physical guy from a height and speed standpoint. The way he works in the weight room, he’s a well developed guy who takes care of his body. He’s an imposing corner — Ras-I is a very good man-to-man player. He’s quick — he can open his hips and run."

"When it comes to football, the guy is tough and physical and he wants to be a great player on every play," Reid said. "Not five or seven or 10 plays a game, but every play when he’s on the field. "He’ll be five minutes early to every meeting and he’ll stay as late as he needs to. I was around Jason Taylor and Joey Porter, and they would always ask for extra tape on guys. Guys like that who worked hard; you would stay up late to help them. Ras-I is that type of guy."

"I think the fans will grow to love Ras-I. I don’t know how you can’t," Reid said. "He’s going to give the fans what they want — 100 percent effort on and off the field. I think the fans of New England will really love him."