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New England Patriots Links 6/02/11 - Brady Gets The Band Back Together

Shalise Manza Young details the over 2 hour practice run by Tom Brady, noting he still carries a good deal of clout with his teammates, judging by the number of them who were on hand.

The players were in shorts and T-shirts, and did a number of drills that would be familiar to those who have attended a training camp practice. Early on, receivers (with safety Patrick Chung among them) ran some short routes and caught passes, while others warmed up. Then everyone did wind sprints and stretched in small groups.

Defensive backs worked on backpedaling and catching, and there was a brief period of 11-on-11, with Brady handing off to a running back (there were five on hand, BenJarvus Green-Ellis, Danny Woodhead, Thomas Clayton, Ridley, and Vereen) or throwing a short screen. During that time, the linemen simply stood up and put their hands in each others’ chests.

The offense and defense then split into separate groups; with the defense, Devin McCourty stood with fellow cornerback Dowling for a couple of minutes, and appeared to be giving him some instruction. ... Although the value of such a workout is unclear — there were no coaches, no film study, no pads — there at least seemed to be a lot of camaraderie. Players exchanged handshakes and hugs early, and some laughs as well. Brady could be heard several times giving instruction.