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Touchdown Trivia Thursday!

Pass the lunch hour by trying to figure out these questions:

1: Tom Brady has helped lead the Patriots to four of the franchises five most explosive offenses- who was the other quarterback who helped lead the Patriots to a franchise top 5 offensive output?

2: The Patriots have led the league in points differential three separate times, but each time featured a different leading rusher and receiver. What were those three years, and who are the six team leaders?

3: If Wes Welker repeats his 2009 receiving output, where will he stand on the Patriots' All-Time receiving list?

4: Two players on the Patriots have been named All-Pro, but were not named to the Pro Bowl- what players?

5: The Patriots have held training camp at four locations. Since 2003, they've been at Gillette Stadium. From 1976 to 2002, they held camp at Bryant College. They've held training camp at two other locations since 1960. What were they?

6: Who will the Patriots draft with their first round picks next season? Seriously. Who?

7: The Patriots used three draft picks on Florida players in the 2009 draft. How many other years has Bill Belichick double dipped (or more) at the same school in a Patriots' draft? [You may be surprised].

Good luck!