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Bill O'Brien Ranks Ninth On List Of NFL's Top Assistant Coaches

While much credit should go to quarterback Tom Brady for his spectacular 2010 season, the coaching staff should also have some credit.  Specifically, current quarterbacks coach and new;y named offensive coordinator Bill O'Brien. 

Thanks to his promotion to offensive coordinator by head coach Bill Belichick back in February, O'Brien has become more of a household name in the coaching business to the point where he may be considered one of the best assistant coaches in football.

In a recent poll done by, O'Brien was ranked ninth overall in a ranking of the NFL's top assistant coaches.  Here are the full rankings:

  1. Perry Fewell, Giants Defensive Coordinator
  2. Rob Ryan, Cowboys Defensive Coordinator
  3. Brian Schottenheimer, Jets Offensive Coordinator
  4. Russ Grimm, Cardinals Offensive Line Coach
  5. Dirk Koetter, Jaguars Offensive Coordinator
  6. Winston Moss, Packers Linebackers Coach
  7. Greg Olson, Buccaneers Offensive Coordinator
  8. Rob Chudzinski, Panthers Offensive Coordinator
  9. Bill O'Brien, Patriots Offensive Coordinator
  10. Darren Perry, Packers Safties Coach

Some voters including ESPN's Tim Graham believe that O'Brien's name should be higher on the list, who ranked him fourth.  

A high ranking for O'Brien simply is playing the percentages. Bill Belichick coordinators always seem to get an opportunity to be a head coach, and O'Brien certainly is making his mark. A coordinator appointment from Belichick is the ultimate sideline blessing these days.  Tom Brady's not a bad reference either.  (via ESPN)

While former Patriots assistants Charlie Weiss, Romeo Crennel, and Josh McDaniels never had much success as NFL Head Coaches, they do however feed credence to the fact that Bill Belichick assistants get a lot of looks when there is a head coaching opening.

Another Patriots assistant that received votes for the Top 10 list was defensive line coach Pepper Johnson, who checked in at number 21 on the list.