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New England Patriots Links 6/27/11 - Lockout Doesn't Stop Players From Helping Out & Giving Back

<em>Pat Chung and Dane Fletcher stop Dustin Keller from getting a first down.  Eating fish & doing push-ups helped too</em>.
Pat Chung and Dane Fletcher stop Dustin Keller from getting a first down. Eating fish & doing push-ups helped too.

Zack Sampson notes Pat Chung visited fourth graders at Betsey B. Winslow Elementary School in New Bedford to talk about nutrition.

Chung spent an hour answering questions students had prepared for him on index cards. He started by explaining how to stay healthy, introducing the "two legs rule" of food to the class.

"The less legs the better," he said. "Fish is good for you, no legs. Chicken is next best, two legs." But red meat comes from four-legged cows, so Chung advised it should be eaten more sparingly. He also said the students should eat vegetables regularly and he provided a list of options, including his personal favorites: asparagus, broccoli and carrots.

Frequent exercise is another key part of his health regimen, Chung said. When asked about his push-up routine, he responded, "I do them a lot. It definitely helps to be strong because there are some big guys" on the football field. This led to an impromptu challenge, which brought a student to the floor to pump out 10 push-ups, a feat which drew a fist bump from the pro athlete.

Chung told the class that simple play outdoors is just as effective as going to the gym. "Running around, playing with your brothers and sisters, that gets you strong."

"Keep up the good work," he said. "Go easy on your teachers, do good in school, and everything will work out for you."

Greg Cameron reports Ron Brace was back in Springfield for a "Football For You" clinic that included many former Patriots.

"[Working out in the offseason with teammates at BC] was great. Our main thing for the guys was getting on pace," Brace said. "We broke it up with who needed to work on what," he added.

"I haven’t had this much time off playing football since I started playing," Brace said. "I seem to have always had some kind of team workouts for about three days, but I haven’t this year and workouts set up by players are definitely different." 

This summer hasn’t gone without work for the third-year Patriot, as he’s been sweating it out this summer with his personal trainer in Wellesley for daily two-hour workouts. According to Brace, the workouts with his team-referred trainer have been far from easy.

"He basically makes life a living hell for those two hours that I’m with him," Brace said. "My job now with the lockout, is to stay in shape."