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New England Patriots Links 6/29/11 - Ty Law: "I Was Always a Patriot to the Core, and I Always Will Be"

Christopher Price reports Ty Law believes he has one more contract in him.  Law was honored at "The Tradition" at TD Banknorth Garden last night.

...the former Patriots cornerback dropped a not-so-subtle hint on Tuesday night, saying that he was "pretty much retired," but that he’d like to sign a one-day contract with New England and retire a Patriot.

"That would be ... that’s one of the reasons I haven’t officially turned my papers in because I would like to at least say the last contract I sign was with New England," Law said, speaking prior to being honored at The Tradition at the TD Garden. "That would be an honor if I was able to do that, if Mr. Kraft was to bless me with something like that, that would be the icing on the cake for a 15-year career."

"Ty was so much fun to play with because he kept it light a lot of times," said former teammate Tedy Bruschi. "Sometimes in the huddle, Ty wouldn’t be in the huddle a bunch of times and you’d break the huddle and it’d be ‘Where’s Ty?’ He didn’t get the call. He’d look up to me and say, ‘Bru, man or zone?’ And I’d say man or zone and that’s all he needed to know and he’d go out there and get an interception. That was all he needed to know. A guy is that good and that’s all they need to know, you let them do their job any way they want to do it, and that’s how special Ty was."

Told of Bruschi’s story Tuesday night, Law smiled. "That’s how it was," he laughed. "I mean, just point the guy out to me and let me know if I got him in man or zone. I was usually always out there running so I was trying to conserve a little bit of energy and not go all the way into the huddle because I was kind of all over the place trying to find a number. They would usually match me up week in and week out with the best guy, kind of like what [Darrelle] Revis does now: I ain’t got time to be going in there, I got to find this guy."

"So I had great supporting cast with my team and Tedy Bruschi was like a quarterback anyway. So all I got to do is look to Tedy and he would give me the signal, and I would keep it moving. If I couldn’t get Tedy, I would get Rodney [Harrison]. So I had a lot of people holding my hand out there telling me where to go."

"We were never on bad terms as far as the organization and myself," Law said. "We parted ways and that was it, but every time I came back it was a great welcome reception for me. I had no animosity toward the team. When we played against each other, it was competition there — most definitely — but never any animosity, because when you strip everything down, I was always a Patriot to the core. And I will always be."