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New England Patriots Links 6/03/11 - Patriots Continue Workouts At BC While Labor Fight Continues In St. Louis

<em>Rob Ninkovich sees huge value in getting a 'jump-start on things' at the informal workouts. Chad Henne disagrees</em>.
Rob Ninkovich sees huge value in getting a 'jump-start on things' at the informal workouts. Chad Henne disagrees.

Mike Reiss offers a few observations from Day 2 of the Patriots' informal practices at Boston College.

* Overall impression of workout: Impressed with level of organization. Looked like an organized team activity. One example is seeing Tom Brady run the hurry-up offense. Saw 11 on 11 work, 7 on 7 work.

* Had the thought that this helps keep players' minds sharp. Call a play, line up correctly, etc. Tom Brady actually lined up at WR at one point.

* Patriots huddle up at the end of the workout. "1-2-3 team" as they break for second day of Brady-led workouts. Finishing up with stretching and jogging.

* Kevin Faulk, a free agent, went through the workout. Looks to be recovering well from ACL surgery.

* Saw a Ryan Mallett-to-Matthew Slater bomb -- 65 yards.

Mike Reiss spoke with Rob Ninkovich about the Patriots workouts.

"We’re running around, and we’re doing some basic stuff, but it feels good because we’re together," he said after Day 2 of the three-day schedule. "Everyone is out there having fun. We’re just waiting for all this stuff to be over with, and we’ll be back, hopefully soon." 

The pace of the workout looked was similar to an organized team activity, with Ninkovich explaining, "You don’t want anyone to get hurt, so you just have to shadow people, no contact, and just be smart about it. You can’t be running around hitting people."

Ninkovich, who has spent the offseason in Massachusetts working out with Jerod Mayo and about 10 other players, was asked his opinion on the primary benefits of the workouts.

"It’s huge for us to just come together," he said. "Whenever this lockout is over with, if you don’t get together, that’s months of not being with your teammates. So it’s good to just kind of get a little jump-start on some things, especially for the younger guys it’s going to help them."

With more than 40 players in attendance, Ninkovich believes that reflects a tight-knit club.

"It means that we hold that team camaraderie and getting ready for the next season, we value that highly," he said. "Everybody is trying to get better. Last year, we didn't end it the way we wanted to, so this year we have to start all over again and get back to where we were."

Christopher Price tweeted this nugget yesterday, demonstrating Tom Brady is indeed running the show:

So Hoyer stopped to talk to us, got 10 seconds in. Brady strolls by and says, "C'mon Hoyer, no interviews." Hoyer: "Sorry--bye guys." DONE.


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