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New England Patriots Links 7/01/11 - BenJarvus Green-Ellis: 'You Don't Let Anyone Else Outwork You'

Bill Speros (ESPN) meets up with BenJarvus Green-Ellis to talk boxing, his nickname, and the 'surreal' offseason.

"It's been a surreal offseason," he said Wednesday. "Everything has been a very humbling experience with the lockout. But when I go to the boxing gym and see those guys work out, I want to work harder."

On the field, "Law Firm" has several partners. "People call me the "Law Firm" because I have a lot of names," Green-Ellis said. "I look at the "Law Firm" as also being the line. They're really the "firm" because they make it happen up front. You can't be a law firm with just one guy."

What about Coach Bill Belichick? "He's the Supreme Court. He's the highest of the high. Mr. Kraft, he's the owner of the court." "Everything is different" between boxing and football, he said.

"Boxing was difficult when I started because it is so technique-driven. You have to be more of a gym rat, and be more precise." Green-Ellis wants suggestions via twitter (@TheLawFirmBJGE) for a pugilistic moniker like "The Subpoena."

"You don't let anyone else outwork you," he said, while adding it's still not the same as training at the Patriots facilities with the rest of the squad. "We're not able to build team chemistry right now. We're not getting the one-on-one coaching or get to study film," Green-Ellis said.

John Clayton (ESPN) Seeking the best? Look for longevity.

Best coaching staff: New England PatriotsMost people outside New England don't know the names of Bill Belichick's assistants. Get to know them. Belichick has found the right formula to developing assistants. Many start in the personnel office and then move to the field. No coach in football gets more out of role players than Belichick, who is a master at recognizing what a player can do and what he can't do. The staff keeps the Patriots ahead of other franchises in what they do on the field.


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