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New England Patriots Links 7/12/11 - Devin McCourty and Lawyer Milloy Team Up For Football Camp

<em>Devin McCourty is at Merrimack College participating in the McCourty/Milloy Football Camp</em>.
Devin McCourty is at Merrimack College participating in the McCourty/Milloy Football Camp.

Mike Reiss gets Devin McCourty's thoughts on rookie CB Ras-I Dowling.

"When I first walked up to him, I heard he was big, but he was like 6-2, maybe 200 , 205 pounds. He looks like a specimen," McCourty answered. "I think when guys get drafted, everyone looks at their physical tools and what they might be able to do on the field right away, but just talking to him, I'm trying to explain the defense and as I'm saying a sentence, he's just finishing it. It seems like he has a lot of football knowledge. I think that's important when you come in to the New England defense; if you have some football knowledge that you can put together with what Coach Belichick teaches us, I think it can go a long way."

"We have some receivers in our league now that are huge, just in our division last year, playing against Braylon Edwards and Brandon Marshall," he said. "When you line up at the size he has, he can step up and go toe for toe with those guys physically, and he has good speed so he can run with them too."

Ian Rapoport caught up with Lawyer Milloy who was back in New England helping to run the McCourty/Milloy Football Camp at Merrimack College.

"The first thing I had to get adapted to was the accents," said Milloy, who returned to help run the McCourty/Milloy Football Camp that began yesterday for 350 kids at Merrimack. "I saw somebody at the airport who recognized me. He was like, ‘Law-yah!’ I didn’t respond to him at first. I was like, ‘Oh yeah, that’s how they say my name out here.’"

"Boston’s changed a lot," Milloy said. "When I was here, the Big Dig was still going on. . . . When you go home after you haven’t been there for a while, everything is different. The houses might’ve looked bigger back then, now they look small. I’m just familiarizing myself with Boston again."

"Not really [bittersweet coming back]," he said, "because this is not a football deal. It’s about helping the community."