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Report: Timeline Being Discussed that Would Have Transactions Begin Today

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Get ready for the craziest few days in NFL history.

With the NFL Lockout nearly over (*knock on wood) and the league owners and NFLPA Executive Committee finally agreeing to terms on the remaining issues late last night, things are really about to heat up. According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, an accelerated timeline is being discussed that would begin today.

Today, teams would be able to sign their own free agents, talk to unrestricted free agents, sign undrafted free agents, and talk trades with other teams. Tomorrow, teams would be able to sign unrestricted free agents. Wednesday, players would begin reporting to training camp in an order that is "back-timed to 14 days before teams play their first preseason games."

Yes, that means that the Patriots players would be reporting in two days. I don't think most fans were expecting that with their coffee this morning.

Of course, more details will unfold over the next several hours. For now, we have to wait until the executive committee votes to recommend approval of the deal at 11:00 AM. After that, the 32 player representatives for each team will vote to recommend the deal. The last step in ending the lockout would be for the players to have a majority vote to re-certify. However, according to Schefter, this part is considered a "formality" (which is likely why team activities are expected to resume today).

Lastly, be sure to keep checking back here at Pats Pulpit. There will likely be a lot of transactions today, and we will have each and every one covered.