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Report: Patriots Vote Unanimously to Re-Certify and Approve New CBA

According to Ron Borges of the Boston Herald, the Patriots were the first team to re-certify and approve the new NFL collective bargaining agreement, voting unanimously:

The players met with Smith for more than 90 minutes around lunch time today, and he answered all of their questions and showed them the bullet points of the deal so they would understand the details before they voted.

Smith also gave them a brief discussion on the importance of unions and how the strike of 1974 was what led to their pensions. Unions got them 401ks, health and safety issues, work-place changes, etc. In addition, their salaries are what they are because of unions. He pointed out it was an important vote and that each guy had to make a decision on his own

This is certainly positive news not only for Patriots fans, but for fans all around the world. Hopefully, now, the rest of the NFL players follow the Patriots' footsteps and get this 100% over with so that we never have to hear the word "recertification" or "lockout" again (or for at least another decade).