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Kevin Faulk Back in the Fold

Kevin Faulk has reportedly been re-signed by the Patriots for 2011.
Kevin Faulk has reportedly been re-signed by the Patriots for 2011.

Apparently, the Patriots have given free agent running back Kevin Faulk one more chance to earn his way onto the Patriots roster and gain himself a role on the team. According to multiple reports, the Patriots have listed Faulk on the team's updated training camp roster this morning.

While the deal has not yet been officially announced, it can be assumed that it will be a low cost, one year contract.

Recently, Faulk said that the only team he would return to would be the New England Patriots. After tearing his ACL last September, there were some questions as to whether or not Faulk would even attempt to continue his career. However, he worked hard to come back and even attended the team's player practices during the lockout.

I still think Faulk has a lot to offer the Patriots not only as a leader / mentor, but also as a football player. Lets not forget that when Faulk went down in week two, he was still producing as well as ever. And although Faulk is 35, it's not as if he has taken the wear and tear of an every down back.

Faulk is a reliable player. Bill Belichick trusts him. Tom Brady trusts him. His teammates trust him. Of course, this year will be the most challenging for him to make the Patriots roster. However, I think and hope, and I believe that a lot of Patriots fans also hold this sentiment, that Faulk will be back for good in 2011.