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Albert Haynesworth Passes His First Conditioning Test

Well, I'm glad that's sorted out. It turns out that Patriots' acquisition DL Albert Haynesworth managed to pass his conditioning test- and it was on his first try. Last season, Haynesworth repeatedly failed the test for the Redskins and end up missing a lot of training camp. Due to the fact that fellow pick-up Chad Ochocinco was on the field and Haynesworth was held off, the general belief was that Haynesworth had failed the conditioning test in New England.

That is not the case. Apparently, Haynesworth was held off the field for other reasons. I believe he could have been receiving a crash course of the Patriots' defense in the building. Perhaps they wanted to iron out additional details before releasing him on the field. Maybe they were running physical exams and didn't want to push the conditioning test until they were certain he could pass it on the first try. Whatever the reason, Haynesworth appears to be in shape and ready to perform.

He will be on the field for today's practice.


In other news, it appears Nick Caserio has stated that Patriots RB BenJarvus Green-Ellis will be back with the Patriots. Not much of a surprise, but still an important piece of news.

Haynesworth is on the field for the morning practice.