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Game Thread #2: Pass Rush Helps Patriots Take 7-6 Lead

Note: This is your Pats Pulpit official game thread!  Each quarter, we will post a new thread with instant analysis and recap of what's happened (don't be fooled by the title).

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Here are some Patriots notes from the end of one quarter at Gillette Stadium:

  • Darius Butler got burned on the opening drive.  Not a good start for him.  Butler and Kyle Arrington opened up at cornerback.
  • On the opening drive, the Patriots defense got gashed up a good amount, especially on the ground.  However, with the ball in the red zone, the defense stiffened up, producing a good pass rush.  2nd year pass rusher Jermaine Cunningham brought down Blaine Gabbert for a big first down sack.  On third down, Mark Anderson created a good rush off the right side, forcing an incompletion from Gabbert.
  • The Patriots offense had a rough start, with Aaron Hernandez catching a Brian Hoyer pass then fumbling it away, with the ball being recovered by Jacksonville.
  • After the fumble, the Patriots forced the Jaguars to settle for a field goal again.  Mark Anderson had another solid third down rush.
  • Patriots followed that up with a quick 3-and-out.
  • The Jaguars next drive ended with a three and out.  The drive started with Dane Fletcher stuffing a first down run.  On third down, Mark Anderson had another great rush, coming off the left side, getting his hands on Gabbert, with Landon Cohen finishing him off for the sack.
  • The Patriots followed that up on offense with a solid  8 play, 49 yard drive that resulted in a touchdown.  Danny Woodhead had a few solid runs.  Brian Hoyer found Aaron Hernandez twice for big gains, one of which set the Patriots up on the two yard line.  From the two, Stevan Ridley took the ball into the endzone on a powerful run in which he got hit at the one, but used the second effort to get the ball across the plane.
  • To end the quarter, the Patriots held the Jags to another three and out.