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Patriots vs. Jaguars: Hoyer Leads Patriots to 19-9 Halftime Lead

Note: This is your Pats Pulpit official game thread!  Each quarter, we will post a new thread with instant analysis and recap of what's happened.

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Here are some Patriots notes from the first half at Gillette Stadium:

  • The Patriots opened up the second quarter by capitalizing on excellent field position.  On the third play of the quarter, Brian Hoyer side-stepped the pass rush and delivered a pass in the back of the end zone to Taylor Price.  Price twisted his body the opposite way and made an amazing catch, getting two feet down and securing the ball in the process.  The extra point attempt was botched, with Matt Katula making a bad snap.
  • Deji Kareem had an 84 yard return (td saving touchdown by Tracy White) following the Patriots touchdown.  Dane Fletcher shut down the drive with a great run stuff for a loss, blowing up a blocker and taking down Montell Owens.  The Jaguars, starting in the red zone, had to settle for a field goal.
  • On the Patriots next drive, Brian Hoyer threw a long ball down the right sideline to Matt Slater, who went up back shoulder, and came down with a 42 yard gain.  However, the drive stalled and the Patriots settled with for a 46 yard field goal, which Stephen Gostkowski nailed straight down the pipe.
  • Darryl Richard had a nice sack and run stop on the Jaguars next drive.  The sack can be credited, in part, to excellent coverage (Chung and Arrington).  The drive would have been a three and out, but Richard Medlin had a neutral zone infraction on the punt, which allowed the Jaguars to continue the drive.  At the start of the new series, Dane Fletcher stuffed another run in the backfield.  The Patriots ended up stopping the Jaguars drive, with Patrick Chung dropping a "gimme" interception.
  • On the Patriots final drive of the first half, Stevan Ridley touched the ball three out of four plays to begin the drive.  One play, he had a nice catch and run, showing some shiftiness, making a couple of defenders miss and picking up a first down.  After the two minute warning, Hoyer found Taylor Price on a slant for a big gain.  Hoyer did a nice drive leading the team down the field, with the team settling for another Gostkowski field goal just before half time.
  • Top Halftime Performers: Mark Anderson (5 QB pressures), Dane Fletcher (5 tackles), Bryan Hoyer (15/21, 171 yards)