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Patriots vs. Jaguars: Ridley, Mallett Help Patriots Extend Lead to 33-9

Note: This is your Pats Pulpit official game thread!  Each quarter, we will post a new thread with instant analysis and recap of what's happened.

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Here are some Patriots notes from after three quarters at Gillette Stadium:

  • The Patriots opened up the second half on offense, with rookie third round choice Ryan Mallett, connecting on a check down to Stevan Ridley, then hitting Taylor Price on the sideline for a first down on third down.  Price took the catch and ran down the sideline for a big-time gain.  In the red zone, the Patriots went for it on fourth down, with Mallett connecting on a first down throw to Buddy Farnham.  After back-to-back connections to Will Yeatman, Stevan Ridley converted a second fourth down conversion for the Patriots.  Two plays later, Ridley took the ball into the end zone for a second touchdown, once again in thanks due to a second effort drive from the rookie back.  Mallett's line on the drive: 6/8 for 79 yards.  Not a bad start.
  • After a short drive that went nowhere for the Jaguars, the Patriots took back over and punched the ball into the end zone once again.  Stevan Ridley had a powerful run on a pitch to the right side for 21 yards.  Ryan Mallett then found Buddy Farnham for a big 25 yard gain to Buddy Farnham.  The drive was capped off with a Mallet-to-Ridley throw for a touchdown, Ridley's third of the day.  The touchdown and point after try gave the Patriots a commanding 33-9 lead, with just over five minutes remaining in the third quarter.
  • When the Jaguars took back over, Mark Anderson produced pressure on a second down play that resulted in Darryl Richard taking down Todd Bouman for the sack.  Bouman however, recovered, and continued to take the Jaguars down the field with completions of 16 and 19 yards.  The quarter ended with the Jaguars threatening in the Patriots' red zone.