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New England Patriots Links 8/12/11 - Patriots, Jaguars Get This Preseason Party Started

WR Taylor Price talks about how different he feels this year than last year at this point.

"A lot different. I just put the time in, put the work in, just knowing the playbook that much more after a year of a so-called redshirt year, getting that much more comfortable with the quarterbacks. Just go out there, put it all together and play fast and tough football."

"I know I’ve got skills. I believe in myself. I know I’ve got the talent to play at this level. It’s just about going out there and showing these teammates, getting the trust of these teammates and the coaching staff and showing that I can play. I’m going to keep doing that and I’m going to keep getting better."

"It felt good to get out there, competing against someone other then your own teammates and have live action so you can show what you can do. I feel a lot different. I am putting the time in, the work in and knowing the playbook so much more after a year. I am getting more comfortable with the quarterback. I just feel so much better."

RB Stevan Ridley tells the media how it felt to get out there and play his first NFL game, and how he thinks he did.

"I just went out there and just played ball. I’m just very thankful for the coaches putting me in the opportunity that I had. It was truly a blessing to be out here on the field – out here playing my dream and doing that. This team has a lot to do – we have a lot of work to do. I just have to continue to work hard every day and opportunities will open up in the future."

"I’m just being a football player. I’m just doing what the coaches ask me to do. They want me to be a downhill runner and that’s what I’m going to continue to do. If that’s what this team needs me to do, that’s what I’ll continue to do."

"God has blessed me – just to be out there and be able to have a lot of talent, just to get out there and do a lot of things – catching the ball and running, try to be an all around back. I’m nowhere close to perfect and I just have a lot of work to do. I’m not satisfied – I’m sure the coaches aren’t either. I’m just going to continue to work hard every day and do my best and help this team improve to get better."



  • Shalise Manza Young saw some impressive plays at Gillette Stadium last night, even with the starters on the sidelines. Ridley and Price looked nice.
  • Mike Reiss gives his first impression of the Patriots preseason win over the Jaguars.
  • Tom E. Curran reports that despite sitting virtually all their key players, the Pats crush Jacksonville.
  • Karen Guregian says Bill Belichick was smart to keep Tom Brady out of service last night.
  • Christopher Price tells us what went right and what went wrong in the Patriots preseason win over the Jaguars.
  • Mike Reiss gives his 3 up and 3 down for the Patriots.
  • CSNNE posts it's Best & Worst from Pats-Jags.
  • Ian Rapoport recaps the Pats 47-12 rout of the Jags last night.
  • Christopher Price tells us ten things we learned Thursday night: Brian Hoyer provides quality backup insurance at QB.
  • DJ Bean compares Ryan Mallett to the first-round quarterbacks.
  • Jeff Howe focuses on the surprising play of Ryan Mallett in his preseason debut.
  • Karen Guregian notes Taylor Price was a force on the field and has opened more eyes after last night's performance.
  • Tom E. Curran lauds the play of Taylor Price and the strides he's made since last season.
  • Nicole Auerbach was impressed with young WR Taylor Price grabbing passes and attention.
  • Mike Rodak notes Stevan Ridley shows he can be a downhill runner as well as an ability to make defenders miss.
  • Jeff Howe sees tons of potential in Stevan Ridley, who had three TDs against Jacksonville.
  • A. Sherrod Blakely watches Nate Solder make the most of his many reps last night.
  • Chris Forsberg reports Nate Solder was solid in his first taste of preseason action.
  • Chris Forsberg highlights the play of WR Buddy Farnham who caught an interception last night playing safety.
  • Sam Dykstra says Nate Solder fits in well with the rest of the anonymous offensive linemen during his debut.
  • Greg A. Bedard reports that as expected, the great unveiling of the new Patriots defense will have to wait.
  • Mary Paoletti takes a look at the secondary, namely, the continued struggles of Darius Butler.
  • Ian Rapoport notes Bill Belichick looked "mildly pleased" with the results of last night's game. I noticed that half smirk on the sidelines too.
  • Monique Walker sees the Patriots having issues with the kicking game.
  • Ian Rapoport Patriots Notebook: Rookie RB Steven Ridley impressed early, while Shane Vereen has missed most of camp with a leg injury; Belichick wasn't 'resting' the starters, he played the those he wanted to evaluate; Nate Solder put in a strong performance; Logan Mankins received a sweet $20 million signing bonus; Stephen Gostkowski returned and was 2-for-2 on field goals; Dane Fletcher was the signal-caller on defense and his unit didn't allow any touchdowns.