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Patriots vs. Buccaneers: Pats Take Commanding 31-7 Lead into Fourth

Note: This is the official Pats Pulpit game thread

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New England Patriots at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

NFL Preseason Week 2

Bucs Coverage:

Notes from the third quarter of the Patriots vs. Buccaneers preseason game:

  • The Patriots took over on offense to start the third quarter with quarterback Ryan Mallett and the second unit offense on the field.  On his first carry of the game, Stevan Ridley had a powerful run off the right tackle for 12 yards.  Ridley received four straight touches, picking up another first down, before Ryan Mallett made his first big time mistake as a pro.  The pass was quite off target, and Elbert Mack came up with the interception, which he then managed to return all the way for a touchdown.
  • Stevan Ridley continued to churn up yards on the next drive.  Carrying the load of the offense, Ridley had two nice runs and a nice catch and run, refusing to go down on first contact, and making good cuts.  On a third and 10, Mallett checked down to Ridley again for nine more yards.  However, on fourth and about a foot, Stevan Ridley had a costly fumble that handed the ball over to the Buccaneers.  Two drives, two turnovers for the Patriots 2nd unit.
  • The Patriots defense responded, with the second unit front seven (but starting secondary) helping cause an interception by Kyle Arrington.
  • On third down on the Patriots ensuing possession, Ryan Mallett stepped up in the pocket and delivered a beautiful pass on a rope to Matthew Slater.  Mallett found Slater again on the next series, finding the receiver for an 11 yard gain that helped set up a 44 yard Stephen Gostkowski field goal attempt, which was nailed down the pipe.
  • The third quarter concluded with the Bucs and Pats trading three and outs.