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New England Patriots Links 8/19/11 - Brady & Co. Impressed, But Defense The Story

<em>Rob Ninkovich and Jerod Mayo share a sackful of Bucs QB Josh Freeman last night</em>.
Rob Ninkovich and Jerod Mayo share a sackful of Bucs QB Josh Freeman last night.

Ian Rapoport posts Bucs' DT Gerald McCoy's reaction to the speed of the Patriots offense last night, and it was pretty funny.

"(DE Adrian) Clayborn came to me and was like, ‘Oh my god, it was so fast!’ the hilarious McCoy said. "I said, ‘I know! That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you!’ It was a reality check, we needed that.

Man, I’m telling you man, they came out, they’d turn around huddle, snap, oh, ‘There’s the Mike, Go!’ I was like, ‘Dang! Um, Mr. Brady, can we line up?’ He didn’t care. He was like, ‘You’re not going to line up.’

When we turned around one time I checked back around and my hand was going to the grass and they were like, ‘Hut!’ And I said, ‘Noooooooooooo!’ "

Greg A. Bedard recaps the Patriots' undressing of the Buccaneers last night that was witnessed by a lot of NFL execs in the press box.

On quick blush in the first half, the Patriots’ defense accounted for the following disruptive plays against the quarterback or in the backfield: nine quarterback pressures, eight QB hits, two sacks (both by Mayo), one quarterback knockdown, one tackle for a loss, two holding penalties, and one false start. That’s a total of 24 in 28 offensive plays by the Buccaneers. The Patriots might not have had that many in an entire game last season.

"That was one of the biggest beatdowns I’ve ever seen in a preseason game,’’ one NFC executive said at halftime. "Yeah, they’re pretty good.’’

"They’ve got it all working right now,’’ said an AFC executive. "Every facet.’’

"If they stay healthy, the Patriots are going to be tough to handle, absolutely,’’ said the AFC executive. "They’re better right now than they were last season."

"Sure, the Bucs didn’t look like they wanted to play. But the execution by the Patriots was really on point. That’s what was impressive. That, and how deep they are on the defensive side of the ball. They have a lot of players.’’

"[Bill] Belichick is through screwing around,’’ said the NFC executive. "What we saw tonight, if that’s the way they continue to go into the season, is a complete departure from what we saw last season. They’re not reacting. They’re dictating.’’



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