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New England Patriots Links 8/23/11 - Wilfork: 'Aggressive Football Players Love to Attack'

<em>Vince Wilfork can't help but smile when he thinks about the Pats' new attacking defense</em>.
Vince Wilfork can't help but smile when he thinks about the Pats' new attacking defense.

Erik Scalavino catches up with Vince Wilfork, who says he doesn't want to be a distraction to the team.

"My teammates stuck behind me 100 percent, my family, the organization," Wilfork continued, "so, I'll move forward. I'm definitely toward the Detroit Lions now. It feels good to be around a great group of guys. Feels real good."

Wilfork also acknowledged that while the defense has been playing a more aggressive style so far this preseason, holding opponents to 12 and 14 points in the first two games, New England's defense is nowhere near finished making the transition to more of a 4-3 base.

"So far, so good, but it's a learning curve. We have a bunch of young guys, there are new things that we're doing on the field. It's not just the young guys starting off their career with something new, but also guys who've been around for a long time ... there are a couple things we have to learn."

"It probably looked good, but there are some things we screwed up out there," he added. "And at times when it looked bad, it probably wasn't that bad. A few mental things we have to address, technique is always an issue at this point. Especially now, coming in this late, missing the offseason program, mini-camps, and everything. Everybody's behind the 8-ball ... Long ways to go for this team, myself included."

Tom Layman says Devin McCourty knows more is expected of him as a second year player.

"I don’t think you can come back and be the same player," McCourty said. "You either get better or you get worse. I focus to try and get better as a player."

"The biggest thing (Belichick) tries to remind you is to stay focused and not really think as a second-year player — you are already a veteran," McCourty said. "You kind of learn more that you are still a rookie and you still got a lot to learn. You continue to learn and do the things you did well last year and kind of fix the things that you didn’t do well last year."

"I think we all kind of feed off of each other," McCourty said. "Especially last year at the cornerback position, we didn’t really have any true veterans. We all kind of lean on each other at different times helping each other out with our knowledge. The biggest thing is that we rely on each other. Coaches help us, but whether it’s me asking Chung something, or Chung asking me something about what I might do on a play or how I view something maybe might be different than him. I think it all comes back to being on the same page, so we got to kind of lean on each other."

"We feel like we got more experience," he said. "But I think we still all have that little bit of edge feeling like there is a lot more for us to learn."



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