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New England Patriots Links 8/24/11 - Jerod Mayo on Defense: 'We're Very Multiple'

<em>Good to see Danny 'harder than' Woodhead back at practice Tuesday</em>.
Good to see Danny 'harder than' Woodhead back at practice Tuesday.

Christopher Price notes Jerod Mayo wants everyone to pump the brakes a little bit.

"We’re a very multiple defense: One week, we might come out with pressure, the next week, we may come out sitting back in coverage. You never know. I think that’s a good quality of this defense," Mayo said before practice Tuesday afternoon.

"Like I said, we’re very multiple," he said. "One week, we may bring a lot of guys, next week, we may drop a lot of guys. There’s no telling what coach [Bill] Belichick is drawing up in that office right now."

"We did a good job executing the game plan that coach Belichick had, [but] it changes every week."

Regardless of the scheme, those plans include a heavy dose of Mayo. The 25-year-old Pro Bowl linebacker, coming off another standout season, isn’t getting too comfortable with his role.

"To be honest with you, that’s up to Coach Belichick to evaluate us," said Mayo, who was recently ranked No. 62 in the NFL Network’s countdown of the Top 100 players in the game. "You think you go out there and have a good practice, then all of a sudden you watch the film and it’s not as good as you thought it was, or not as bad as you thought it was. That’s up to those guys."

"Hopefully I’ll make the team, though," he added with a smile.

Mike Petraglia reports Shaun Ellis talks about what he hopes to bring on the defensive line. 

"Things I’ve been doing, just going out practicing, going through individual [drills], in the training room, weight lifting, just trying to become more explosive and those type of things that can carry me throughout a game," said Ellis, who has 72 sacks and 13 forced fumbles in his previous 11 NFL seasons, all with the Jets.

"I think it’s very important, timing, being able to roll off [blocks], get into contact, with the off-season and the lockout, I think the preseason is very important to us to get our timing, get our steps down and being able to communicate among one another with the defense.

"Your technique is what takes you. It keeps you protected. You’re able to process things a lot faster when you’re using proper technique so with us not being able to go through that, it’s just one of those things where we have to get extra reps in. Of course, playing in the games will speed that up."

"So the time to build those is early in the season and you hope that you have a good base and that your overall playing – that you can keep those skills sharp, and I think that’s pretty much the way it’s been in the NFL. I think that’s still the way it is. So the more time you… and the better those skills are going into the season usually – the longer you’re going to sustain them."



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