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New England Patriots Links 8/25/11 - Patriots Preseason All About Tempo

<em>Taylor Price is driven to prove himself, every time he steps on the field</em>.
Taylor Price is driven to prove himself, every time he steps on the field.

Tom Brady talks about facing Detroit and the fierce defensive line he'll be facing.

We played them last year, too, so we have a very good idea of the issues they present for the front, with the running backs included. It’s a very talented group - a very talented front, especially pass rushing. They can get after the quarterback, so you’re not going to be standing back there holding onto it for too long - not that we do that very often anyway. But especially a week like this where all those guys really feed off the sacks, the negative plays, their crowd really feeds into it - really what was evidenced by us in the first half of the game last year. That’s always a concern when you play a team with a good front, so there’s a lot of thought that goes into play calling, and obviously me making quick decisions and getting rid of the ball.

Mark Daniels focuses on Taylor Price's eagerness to get back to the practice field and prove himself once again this Saturday in Detroit.

"It’s big. That first game doesn’t mean anything. Just get back out there on the field again. Prove it again," Price said. "Keep improving yourself because this is a league where you need to prove yourself each and every week. So I’m going to keep going out there and keep getting better and keep making plays."

"One year in the system and I feel pretty good right now," Price said. "I learned a lot. I think I’m ready to make that next jump as being a rookie and now moving on to that so-called veteran or second year. I’m ready to make that jump and ready to contribute on this team as soon as possible."

"During training camp, I’m just treating every practice like a game day for me, going out there working hard, trying to make every single play," Price said. "I’m not pressing too much. I’m just going out there and trusting my abilities. To go out there, play fast and just play football and let everything take care of itself."